What to do?

All four of my kids have digital cameras. Their skills in photography are as varied as their ages (6-14). The three younger ones also use their cameras to record movies. I remember my first camera. It was a plastic rectangle with a big rectangular shutter button. My parents would take the film to get developed then either give me the pictures or put them in an album for me to look at whenever I wanted. I have those albums with me now on the other side of my desk. But what do I do with the countless images my children are capturing?
For the 14 (soon to be 15) year old, I have made a few CDs for him to take to school to use in his art classes. But the younger kids take so many baaaad pictures. I delete many of them after importing them to my computer. I mean, really. How many completely blurry and out of focus photos do we need of the dogs nose, or of a pair of shoes (yes, those are also blurry and shot from about 1 foot away when the camera only focuses as close as 3 feet).
But should I be deleting all these pictures they take of their own eye, or of the stove, or of the glass of milk they just finished? Or the video they shot of the television? Will they be memories for them when they are 30? Will they wonder “what ever happened to that blurry self-portrait I took where you could see my sinus cavity? Did Dad delete that?”

A Heated Discussion

At my son’s basketball game today, these two refs were totally on the kids. All fouls were being called – and rightly so. After an out-of-bounds followed by a time out, the two of them did not agree on which team had the ball. The younger ref won her case, but you can see the older ref did not like being argued with.

Much Closer

Well, Monday has passed and my other 2 websites are not finished yet. The West Coast Fitness one is very, very close. I keep adding to it just before I think it is ready for prime time. In the mean time, I went out the other day for a shoot for Chadney Photography. It was a landscape installation. The designer did a great job – too bad it is being removed. Here is one of my favorites from the day.

Now is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their county. Wait, now is the winter of our discontent. Wait, what?

A promise to myself

By Monday morning, I solemnly swear to have all three of my websites/blogs up and running in full action hero mode. I have been working a lot away from the web and the time has come to get-r-done.

  • This blog just needs more action and some pics,
  • Chadney Photo needs the same. We have a wedding coming up and  I want to make the site is full of previous work, print ordering links, etc. and
  • West Coast Fitness is getting a completely new look. I am changing it from a Dreamweaver site to a WordPress site. I am looking forward to having a more fluid site and the ability to update from any computer in the world.

A little head-to-head competition

This weekend I am going to pit my Mamiya 7 and it’s 65mm lens against my Hasselblad 500c/m and it’s 50mm lens. Yes, the focal lengths are a little different, but you go with what you got.
I have a hard time getting rid of camera equipment, and the results from this weekend’s test will help me decide which of the two systems needs to find a new home. Since this blog is new, I will make sure (?) to post a couple of results when I get the film back.
Stay tuned…….

Yee Haw

Not only was it a perfect television show, it is also two words to let the universe know that I have started this blog. My website, chadneyphotography.com will be reserved for my collaborative work with my brother Garett. This site will be to display my personal work and the thoughts associated with them. When I get around to it, I will be replacing the front page image with one that I actually have the rights to. Done.