Macy Arrives

Sunday we went to the zoo. It was huge! All of the animals were very active – pandas, white tigers, African elephants, and more. Then that evening was rest and preparation for meeting our new daughter in the morning. When we arrived and the welfare institute, Macy (WanYan) had been anxiously waiting for us. She waved excitedly as soon as we walked into the waiting room. The kids were kept in their own waiting room as each child was introduced one by one. Macy kept opening up the curtain and waving to us. She looked very excited! She and MiMi have been getting along great, although MiMi is used to being the bossy young lady, and Macy is not having it. Macy is dragging MiMi around and making her do things. MiMi is liking the attention, but we can tell, MiMi is not used to being man-handled. Macy loves MiMi very much.

Today (the first full day together), we went back to the welfare institute for paperwork. Macy and several of her friends are in the same hotel, and we all travel in the bus together, etc. It is good for the kids to still have that connection for the next 2 weeks. Macy is a camera hog – both behind and in front of the lens. If she’s not taking my camera around to photograph her friends, she is telling me what pictures to take and how they need to look. Thank god for digital. All the kids want to see the photos immediately.

5 thoughts on “Macy Arrives

  1. Your happy faces say it all. We anxiously await your arrival home, but in the meatime have great fun visiting and laughing.
    Hugs from both of us. Grandma and Grandpa C.

  2. Well, this is grand. Glad to hear she’s so excited about it all. She has had good fortune, as I’m sure we all have with her addition to your family.

    That being said, I don’t envy you at all the paperwork.

    I’ll see if I can’t round Conner up on Sunday for a swim.

  3. Congrats. A big “hello” to Macy from the Wheeler family. We look forward to meeting the newest Chadney after you guys have had a chance to recover.

    Kristin 🙂

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