Hong Kong v1

We arrived very late (1am local time). We pretty much pulled an all-nighter on the airplane. The hotel let us have a late check out which allowed us some relaxation time in HK before we had to navigate the metro and then the train into mainland China.

About 5 minutes from our hotel we stumbled across a gondola ride. What the hey, let’s do it. The ride up over the harbor, forests, and low mountains was mare fun due to the glass bottom in the gondola. The views were great all around.

After a 30 minute ride, there was a giant Buddha, shops, stray dogs, and more. It was a very popular spot for locals as well as large tour groups. The stairs up to the giant Buddha we long for MiMi, but we took a break half-way up.

4 thoughts on “Hong Kong v1

  1. Looks like the weather is pretty grand. Hadn’t realized that you were entering China via HK. Mimi looks different in that outfit, guess I’m most used to seeing her overdosed in red glitter and ruby slippers.

    Stopped by your house last night to visit who ever was there (nobody as it turned out).

    I’m working from home today. And, as of this moment is is warm, clear, and not especially damp.

    1. Hoascli,mu,hos usuarios de desalientan cuando ven que la comision por referidos indirectos es de solo 0,02 $.No es facil conseguir referidos,(ni con un registro gratis)Estaria muy bueno que subieran las comisiones!Un abrazo!A Favor o En contra: 0  0

  2. Sounds like you are rested and having a good time. Mimi’s smile says “I am having fun seeing the world below” — no hint of agraphobia in that picture! It looks like warm weather too!

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