A busy few days

We have been very busy lately. Things started off with a doctor visit the other day. What a nightmare. We (I) stood in line in one spot for 30 minutes waiting for the final exam of 3. After that it was immunization time. We signed the waiver to bypass any shots until we arrive back home, but because Macy is over 11 years old, she had to get the shots anyway. The first 4 in her arm went OK. She watched intently as they stuck the needles in. The last one took 30 minutes. She went ballistic! Kicking, screaming, crying, stomping, biting (trying) at me, 3 nurses, a tour guide and a doctor. It took all the might of all of us that long to get her leg exposed and the needle in. Poor thing. After that she crawled into a closet in the doctor’s office and buried herself in a corner. It took a few more hours before she would be open to any comfort from anyone. She would hold onto my shirt sleeve, but if I tried to touch her she would bat my hand away.

We had 2 more (smaller, thank God) “happenings” the next day. One in a restaurant, then one at bed time.  Macy is strong-willed, and a leader. The language barrier definitely does not help, bet she is trying. Here is a picture that recreates what Brandon did 5 years ago when he came with us to adopt MiMi.

I want to post a few more photos from the past 2 days, but my computer and my brain are in sync (bogging down). Verrrrrry sleeepy  right now. Signing off.

One thought on “A busy few days

  1. What an ordeal….for *both* of you. How sad that she had to go through that. Hopefully, all will be much smoother now. We’re looking forward to seeing all of you soon. Dad

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