Today was a short drive to the Guangzhou Social Welfare Institute. It is considered one of the best orphanages in Southern China. Macy was not there for very long, but really wanted to go and visit the friends she made there. Most of her life was in foster care. The girls (Macy and MiMi) waver between bouncing off the hotel room walls, and complaining of being tired when we go out with them and make them walk or exercise. We found a great park around dinner time where they could jump and climb and run. We thought it would make bedtime easier. Well, they are not passed out as I would have hoped. They can’t sit still in bed!

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  1. Hi Mimi, how are you doing? And how is your sister Macy doing? Are you having fun? Today we painted our backdrop for our Ocean Animal Puppet Show. It was fun! We have also been practicing our ocean song and dance. Today we also earned 3 extra minutes of choosing time. YAY!!! We miss you a lot at school! We wish you a happy trip.


    Ms. Leslie, Ms. Allie, Mr. Jones, Mr. Peter, and your classmates 🙂

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